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Best Counters For Jayce Top


Are you looking for long-surviving, hard-hitting counters for Jayce in the top lane? Check out our list of great picks for easy laning phases.


Jayce is a great champion to counter both melee and ranged top laners. However, champions with fast gap closers like Irelia can easily hunt him down and stun-lock him. Her CC can disable Jayce’s fast ability changes and her survivability will prove vital in getting alive out of his burst damage.

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Much like Irelia, Wukong too has powerful gap closers that will catch Jayce off-guard and will throw him off his ability dynamic. Make sure to choose your positioning right and use your early spikes to your advantage, especially since Wukong’s passive gets him ahead of his opponent pretty early.

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Camille has also a powerful dash that can disorient a Jayce player and her Q range can make sure that she doesn’t fall behind despite her being a melee champion. She has excellent gank abilities against Jayce so stay cool, farm, and wait for your jungler’s opportunity to claim the easy kill.

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Dr. Mundo

There’s not much to say about this matchup. Dr. Mundo has a free infinite regeneration “buff” that will keep him always one step ahead of Jayce. In this case though, you should be careful as you have no gap closers and choose the right time to initiate a fight. Don’t rush it, you scale for free and won’t be punished for hovering in lane.

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Malphite is one of the best counters for Jayce thanks to his passive. His whole kit is a slap in the face for Jayce. In early game, a Malphite might be having a hard time gaining a kill against Jayce. However, staying long enough to farm and scale means a clean victory against him in the mid-game.

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