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League of Legends

Top 5 Counters For Seraphine Support

Seraphine counters

Seraphine is releasing in the next days and with her comes a new powerhouse for the support role. What happens when you lane against her though? What are the best counters to use against Seraphine? We’ve gathered the top 5 champions that can counter her as support that you mind want to keep on your radar.

1.Leona – 50.45% Winrate

What you want to do when laning against Seraphine is to not let her roam freely and harass your ADC. Leona is one of the best solutions for this as her multiple CC can make Seraphine fall behind and have no way to get back with strong items. By default, Seraphine is a squishy champion so peeling her will be easier than most supports. Well, not counting Yummi on this one.

2. Pantheon – 51.05% Winrate

Much like Leona, Pantheon too can CC and bully Seraphine in the bot lane providing more space and freedom for his ADC to farm.

3. Zyra – 50.9% Winrate

Zyra can peel her opponent easy with her abilities and since Seraphine is a relatively squishy champion, she’ll face a real threat in her hands. Try to constantly poke her and she won’t be a problem in the lane.

4. Blitzcrank – 51.68% Winrate

Blitzcrank can be a real problem for Seraphine in the bottom lane since he can hook and kill her pretty much without being threatened. It’s true that Blitz isn’t such a viable option in most games. However, if he ever comes back to meta, you know who you should choose him against as.

5. Janna – 53.3% Winrate

Much like all previous additions to this list, Janna is a queen in CC and can throw Seraphine off her game super easy. Try to stay away as much as possible and shield your ADC against her Q and you both will be ok.

These were our top 5 support Seraphine counters to choose from in the days to come. Undeniably, she won’t only support since her kit makes her viable in the mid lane too. It will take a week or so to see just how overpowered she is. Hopefully, she won’t be at a Samira level.

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