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Those Are The Most Picked Agents During VALORANT Champions 2023

valorant champions 2023 most picked agents

Now that VALORANT Champions 2023 is over and Evil Geniuses are our brand-new champions, the one thing we can do is reminisce about how glorious the opening ceremony was and how intense the matches during the whole tournament turned out to be. The dust has now settled and we’re about to check out which Agents are the most picked ones during VALORANT Champions 2023.

During the world championship, Killjoy managed to slay all competition with more than 100 picks, leaving Skye and Raze below her with 94 and 93 picks consequently. We always love seeing agents like Viper dominating the pick phase so we love seeing her in the 4th place with 92 picks while Jett remains a powerhouse in the 5th place with 88 picks. See the list below:

1. Killjoy – 105

2. Skye – 94

3. Raze – 93

4. Viper – 92

5. Jett – 88

It comes as a surprise that Killjoy is overall the most picked one of all agents in VALORANT Champions 2023. However, she wasn’t favored that much during the grand finals with Boostio primarily using her in a few rounds. In comparison, Skye dominated the field along with Raze in almost all rounds. For what it’s worth, Killjoy is still one of the best area security agents in Valorant with little to no competition on what she can do.

The VALORANT Champions 2023 set the stage for what the meta in Valorant looks like right now. It wouldn’t surprise us if more Agent nerfs come our way now that the finals are over.  We’ll have to wait and see what the meta scene will look like in a few weeks. We’ll keep you updated on all the upcoming updates and patch notes.

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Source: ValorINTEL

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