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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood Event Missions & Rewards

The Noxian Brotherhood event is now underway in Wild Rift and comes with a variety of missions and rewards. Riot Games takes a different route than their existing one in League of Legends, by offering comics as rewards in Wild Rift, this time showcasing Darius and Draven, the Noxian Brothers.

See all Noxian Brotherhood event missions and what you can get as a reward by completing them:

Noxian Brotherhood Event Missions

To The Death Get 30 takedowns
Glorious Execution Play 4 games Get a 4+ kill streak
Do I Entertain You? Destroy 12 turrets as a team
Slice and Dice Kill 500 minions as a team Kill 150 minions
Victory Laurels Win 3 games Win 1 game as a premade team
The Sentencing Kill 3 Barons as a team
Cut Down In Their Prime Kill 6 dragons as a team
Throwing Power Play 4 games Win 1 game as a Marksman
Cleave-Ho Play 4 games Win 1 game as a Warrior
Unmatched Power Deal 40,000 damage to enemy champions Deal 5,000 damage to enemy champions within 5 seconds
The Might of the Hand Play 4 games Cast your ultimate 12 times in a single game
Brotherly Love Earn 200,000 Gold as a team Earn 40,000 Gold

Noxian Brotherhood Rewards

1 Icon
3 50 Poro Coins
5 Emote
7 Champion Box (Choose Darius or Draven)
9 50 Poro Coins
12 Icon Border

The Noxian Brotherhood event started on December 10th, 2020 / 00:00 UTC and ends on December 23rd, 2020 / 00:00 UTC. Note that the event brings Darius and Draven into Wild Rift and you can purchase them with Poro Coins or Blue Motes.

Also, don’t forget to finish your Academy missions if you haven’t already and ready the Noxian Brotherhood comic as it is one of the most glorious lore pieces in the world of Runettera.

For more League of Legends Wild Rift news, stay tuned to the Rift Crown. Make sure to check our guide on easiest champions to use in each lane in Wild Rift.

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