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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Journey – Missions & Rewards

wild rift journey missions

Have you started working on your daily missions for the Journey event in Wild Rift? The event follows the same guidelines as the Academy quests and it includes 21 days of rewards. By completing the missions you can get trial cards, blue motes, poro coins and even a skin selection chest.

Take a look below to see what missions you’ll have to complete each day during your Journey event in Wild Rift. Note that you can only complete one mission per day and you’ll need a total of 21 days to get the final reward which is a skin chest.

1 Friends Old and New Play 3 games
Play 1 game in a premade party
Just Peachy emote
2 Time to Embark Earn 17,000 gold 500 Blue Motes
3 Red Minion, Blue Minion Play 3 games
Kill 100 minions
3 Champion Trial Cards
4 Enemies Sighted Deal 20,000 damage to enemy champions 500 Blue Motes
5 Fanciful Monsters Play 3 games
Kill 30 monsters
3 Team Boosts
6 Crumbling Ruins Participate in destroying 3 turrets 500 Blue Motes
7 Scouting Ahead Play 3 games
Place or destroy 10 wards
Champion Selection Chest
8 Daring Deed Win 1 game 50 Poro Coins
9 Majestic Creatures As a team, kill 2 dragons 600 Blue Motes
10 Quick Reflexes Play 3 games
Team gets first blood
Wild Rift Journey Pose Selection Chest*
11 Halfway Mark Earn 20,000 gold 600 Blue Motes
12 Team Adventure As a team, get 60 takedowns 50 Poro Coins
13 Jungle Journey As a team, kill 90 monsters 600 Blue Motes
14 Scuttle Away Play 3 games
Kill 3 Rift Scuttlers
Champion Selection Chest
15 Rest Stop As a team, kill 350 minions 50 Poro Coins
16 Renewed Vigor Win 1 game 700 Blue Motes
17 Strike Fast Play 3 games
Get 10 kills
Champion Pose Selection Chest (Any Champion)
18 Epic Beasts As a team, kill 3 epic monsters 700 Blue Motes
19 Push Through Deal 25,000 damage to enemy champions 50 Poro Coins
20 The Last Stretch Get 15 takedowns 800 Blue Motes
21 A Journey’s End Play 3 games
Get 1 MVP / SVP
Wild Rift Journey Skin Selection Chest**


For more League of Legends Wild Rift news, stay tuned to the Rift Crown. Make sure to check our guide on the easiest champions to use in each lane in Wild Rift.


Source: Wild Rift Support

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