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Teamfight Tactics

TFT 6.5: Neon Nights All Changes – New Traits, Augments & Champions

TFT Neon Nights changes

The 6.5 mid-set changes for TFT, called Neon Nights is finally detailed, shedding some light to what champions, traits and augments are entering the arena when the new set launches. As you already know, Silco is coming to TFT 6.5 Neon Nights along with newest champion Zeri and upcoming champion Renata. Check out all the upcoming changes below:

Champions Leaving TFT – TFT Neon Nights Changes


  • Garen
  • Graves
  • Katarina
  • Lux
  • Yone
  • Yuumi



  • Samira
  • Sion


Misc Traits

  • Twisted Fate
  • Kog’Maw
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Shaco
  • Taric
  • Lissandra
  • Janna
  • Urgot
  • Akali


Champions Entering TFT + New Traits – TFT Neon Nights Changes


Hextech (2/4/6/8) –

  • Nocturne: Tier 1 Assassin
  • Jarvan IV: Tier 1 Striker
  • Swain: Tier 2 Arcanist
  • Sejuani: Tier 2 Bruiser, Enforcer
  • Lucian: Tier 3 Twinshot
  • Alistar: Tier 4 Colossus
  • Sivir: Tier 4 Striker


Debonair (3/5/7) –

  • Brand: Tier 1 Arcanist
  • Talon: Tier 2 Assassin
  • Syndra: Tier 2 Scholar
  • Leona: Tier 3 Bodyguard
  • Draven: Tier 4 Challenger
  • Zeri: Tier 5 Sniper


Striker (2/4/6) –

  • Jarvan IV: Tier 1 Hextech
  • Rek’Sai: Tier 2 Bruiser, Mutant
  • Gnar: Tier 3 Socialite, Yordle
  • Sivir: Tier 4 Hextech
  • Irelia: Tier 4 Scrap


Socialite (1/2/3/5) –

  • Gnar: Tier 3 Striker, Yordle
  • Senna: Tier 3 Enchanter
  • Seraphine: Tier 4 Innovator
  • Galio: Tier 5 Bodyguard, Colossus


Rival (1) –

  • Vi: Tier 4 Bruiser Enforcer
  • Jinx: Tier 5 Scrap, Twinshot


Apart from the champions and traits above, there are 3 more units coming to TFT Set 6.5 and it is Silco, Renata and Zeri. Check out their abilities and traits below:

Silco: Tier 5 Mastermind, Scholar

  • Ability – Silco gives an unstable concoction to his lowest health ally, granting them additional maximum health, a ton of attack speed, and immunity to crowd control for a few seconds. When this insanely powerful buff expires, the concoction ends, causing the unstable unit to die and explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • Mastermind– Power, real power, doesn’t come to those who were born strongest, or fastest, or smartest. No. It comes to those who stand directly in front of Silco. With the Mastermind trait, Silco inspires the two allied subordinate champions in front of him, granting them increased mana regeneration.


Zeri: Tier 5 Debonair, Sniper

  • Passive – Zeri’s basic attacks fire a slew of bullets in her enemy’s direction, each dealing a small percentage of her attack damage as physical damage and extra bonus magic damage to the first unit hit.
  • Ability – Zeri vaults to her enemy and discharges a nova of electricity, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and increasing their mana costs before dashing back to her original position. For the next few seconds, her attacks become electrified and pierce.
  • VIP bonus – When Zeri is chosen as your VIP from the shop, after she casts her Lightning Nova her attacks become electrified and pierce for the rest of combat.


Renata Glasc: Tier 4 Chemtech, Scholar

  • Ability – Renata Glasc unleashes a toxic wave towards the largest group of nearby enemies, poisoning all enemies caught in its path for the REST of combat. Poisoned enemies have their attack speed reduced and take a small amount of magic damage each second. Damage from repeat casts of Toxic Wave stack.


Augments Leaving TFT – TFT Neon Nights Changes

  • Academy Heart
  • Imperial Heart
  • Dual Rule
  • Protector Heart
  • Academy Crest
  • Cram Session
  • Imperial Crest
  • All For One
  • Protector Crest
  • Academy Soul
  • Imperial Soul
  • Protector Soul


Augments Entering TFT – TFT Neon Nights Changes

  • Blue Battery (Silver, Gold): After casting their ability, your units restore a flat amount of mana.
  • Thieving Rascals (Gold): Yordles will occasionally spawn with an item component.
  • Double Trouble (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): If you have exactly two copies of a unit on your board, they both gain Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist. When you upgrade a unit to 3-star, gain a 2-star copy.
  • Tiny Titans (Prismatic): Your Tactician grows larger and heals 35 Health. You can now exceed 100 maximum Health.
  • Future Sight (Gold, Prismatic): Gain a Zephyr/Radiant Zephyr. Know who you fight next (more on this later).
  • Recombobulator (Silver): Champions on your board permanently transform into a random champion that costs 1 more. Gain 2 Magnetic Removers.
  • The Golden Egg (Prismatic): Gain a massive Golden Egg that hatches in 5 turns.
  • Radiant Relics (Prismatic): Open an Armory and choose 1 of 4 unique Radiant Items.
  • Tri Force (Silver, Gold, Prismatic): Your 3 cost units gain Health, Mana, and Attack Speed.
  • High Five (Prismatic): Gain three 5-cost champions.


Items Entering TFT – TFT Neon Nights Changes

  • Edge of Night (swap from Guardian Angel)


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