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Riot Games has hosted their 2021 season dev vlog yesterday, featuring a brand new cinematic for League of Legends. The new season is full of new additions to the League roster, events, and more than 140 skins. Until then though, we can have a first look at Viego, the Ruined King against Lucian and Senna.

You might already know Viego by the Ruined King item, which poses as his greatsword. Also, Riot Forge will release The Ruined King as a standalone turn-based RPG this year. Now, we get to see Viego in action as a jungler in League of Legends.

In the new Ruination cinematic, we see a variety of League of Legends champions being present. We have Viego in a battle against Lucian and Senna, the sentinels of Light. Also, in a stand against his efforts. This means that you can also catch a glimpse of Karma, Darius, Poppy, Samira and Vayne.

During the 4 and half minute video, we see champions falling under Viego’s spell. This is something that his abilities in-game will have reasoning too. More importantly, Viego wants to make Senna his queen for some twisted reason.

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What we know about Viego’s storyline is that the upcoming RPG takes off where last year’s Spirit Blossom event left it. It follows Ahri, Yasuo, and more Lol champions going to Blidgewater.

We don’t exactly know when Viego will be available in League of Legends. However, it makes the most sense to release him along the next line of skins along with a new event. We can’t know for sure if this will be the case. For the time being, the Battle Queens is underway and will be available for a few days before Riot Games launch the next one, which will most possibly be related to the Ruined and Shan Hai new skin lines.

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