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League of Legends

League of Legends Battle Queens Event Milestones, Token Missions & Weekly Wins

Battle Queen event milestones

The Battle Queens Event is now live on all servers and the Event Pass comes with its own set of Milestones and rewards as always. Those milestones are achieved by playing games during the Worlds 2020 event and you can get a variety of rewards like prestige points, orange essence, Orbs, and more.

Battle Queens 2020 Pass Milestone Reward
Milestone 1 Battle Queens 2020 Event Pass Mission Icon
Milestone 2 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 3 10 Win XP Boost
Milestone 4 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 5 Emote: You Really Thought…
Milestone 6 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 7 1500 Blue Essence
Milestone 8 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 9 Emote: What Was That?!
Milestone 10 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 11  Emote: Sound the Ornn Horn
Milestone 12 1500 Blue Essence
Milestone 13 500 Orange Essence
Milestone 14 Mystery Emote Permanent
Milestone 15 1 Gemstone
Milestone 16 Hextech Key
Milestone 17 1 Masterwork Chest
Milestone 18 750 Orange Essence
Milestone 19 Battle Queens 2020 Orb
Milestone 20 1 Gemstone


Win a matchmade PVP SR match 10 Tokens
Lose a matchmade PVP SR match 5 Tokens
Win a matchmade PvP ARAM match 6 Tokens
Lose a matchmade PvP ARAM match 3 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 1-2 in TFT 8 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 3-4  in TFT 6 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 5-6  in TFT 4 Tokens
Achieve a rank of 7-8 in TFT 2 Tokens
Win a matchmade One For All match 6 Tokens
Lose a matchmade One For All match 3 Tokens


Wondering how to score points towards your Weekly Wins? Every time you win in Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, One for All, or TFT (placing in the top 4), you’ll earn 5 points. Don’t worry, though! Even if you’re on the losing team (or if you’ve placed 8-5 in TFT), you’ll still earn 2 points, so really it’s a win-win!

Week 1: Score 35 Points 215 Tokens
Week 2: Score 35 Points 215 Tokens
Week 3: Score 35 Points 215 Tokens
Week 4: Score 55 Points 310 Tokens

Battle Queens Pass Information

Remember that all Battle Queens Event milestones are available through the purchase of this event’s Pass. The Battle Queens Pass costs 1650RP and gives you access to tokens with every win, Milestones, weekly wins, and Token Missions.

However, if you plan on doing this event free-to-play then you still get an array of missions to complete, one of which rewards you with an Orb to use in your next opening session.

The started on December 10th, 2020 at 1:00 PM (PT), and will end on January 11th, 2021 at 12:59 PM (PT).

Source: League of Legends

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