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A brand new cinematic for League of Legends was released yesterday by Riot Games, this one featuring Yasuo. The trailer is a part of the Spirit Blossom 2020 event and is roughly an introduction to the character’s tragic backstory.

The 3-minute trailer was created by Riot in collaboration with Sun Creature, an incredibly creative studio that has previously worked on It’s On cinematic for League of Legends. The music “dressing” The Path is by Yutaka Yamada, bringing the whole video together. So, what’s the story of the new Yasuo cinematic for League of Legends?

The trailer starts with Yasuo, in his Spirit Blossom attire following what seems like a 9 tailed spirit fox. What he’ll find in his destination won’t come easy. It’s his brother, Yone who he has killed in the past. In this final standoff, Yasuyo and Yone, who is now a demon of sorts, battle things out.

We knew that Spirit Blossom would have an anime character but this trailer raised the bar too high. It reminded us of Bleach and its huge Katana battles. As a result, it will be interesting to see if Riot Games have even more cinematics for the event in mind.

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As for the two main characters, there’s too much to explain. Yasuo is getting a new Spirit Blossom skin matching the cinematic. Yone is a mystery for now with everyone believing that he’ll be a new character releasing after Lilliana.

For what it’s worth it will be some time before we know for sure what happens between Yone and Yasuo after the new League of Legends cinematic. Note that the Spirit Blossom event will start soon, including new skins, a new pass as well as loot for its free missions. As always, the Spirit Blossom pass will be available for purchase through the in-client store.

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