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Gwen is one of the three new champions releasing in Legends of Runeterra later this month. Much like Kai’Sa and Evelynn, she too comes with her own keyword that, surprisingly, seems almost more complex than Kai’Sa’s.

As we can see from her trailer, Gwen in Legends of Runeterra carries the Hallowed keyword. It reads:

After I die, for the rest of the game when allies attack, hallow your first attacker giving it +1/+0 that round.

The way Gwen will play out and how her Hallowed keyword will play out when combined with another region will be interesting to see. For the time being, we’ve seen her with Lucian in her trailer and it works like a charm. The fact that she’s a Shadow Isle champion in addition to her release cards follow a mid-range kind of gameplay will most likely impact the meta as well. Also, let’s not forget that her archetype lets you heal, giving you more control over how the match is played.

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We don’t know exactly when the new expansion, Forces from Beyond, will release. However, we have strong indication that it will be sometime this month. The original artwork for the update sees Kai’Sa with her Star Guardian outfit. The relevant event is live now and will run until mid August. In addition, the official Star Guardian website states that some type of Runeterra content is coming after July 28th. For the time being, we’re getting excited for what’s to come. Let’s hope that we’ll also get some new Path of Champions content. The Star Guardian universe looks like the perfect event for such an addition.

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