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Kai’Sa is coming to Legends of Runeterra on July 20th, alongside Gwen and Evelynn. The new expansion, Forces from Beyond, is soon to be released and Riot Games has started showcasing its crown jewel cards. Kai’Sa is the first champion to get her trailer for Legends of Runeterra and we couldn’t help but notice her unique playstyle and new keyword.

As you might already have noticed from the trailer, Kai’Sa comes with a new keyword – Evolve. It reads:

“I have +2/+2 once you’ve given or summoned allies with six-plus other positive keywords this game.”

In addition to this, Kai’Sa gets a Second Skin card in hand whenever she has an attack token. Second skin grants all allied Kai’Sas a positive keyword from another ally. See the combo right there? Use different keyword cards, possibly with “grand attack token” cards and have Kai’Sa evolve in no time.

Legends of Runeterra Kai'Sa

So, when evolved and upgraded, Kai’Sa has +2/+2 and deals 1 damage for each positive keyword she has on an enemy or enemy nexus, depending on who has the lowest health. This triggers ‘on attack’, so there’s a good combo right there too.

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We’ve also seen some new cards to accompany Kai’Sa in the new expansion for Legends of Runeterra. Needless to say that some of those have positive keywords like Overwhelm. Also, all of them have the evolve keyword. We particularly like the Voidling, which changes its keyword each round while in hand and gets the keyword it has when summoned. This is a powerful card to play with Kai’Sa since it can give her more keywords with worrying about them being the same ones. Did we mention that it’s a 1 mana cost card? Yeah, that will come in handy.

The new expansion, Forces from Beyond releases in Legends of Runeterra on July 20th. Moreover, it will highlight Kai’Sa Gwen and Evelynn as this expansion’s champions. Stay tuned to see what the other two will play like in the days to come.


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