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You Can Get Augments In League of Legends Soul Fighter Game Mode

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Riot Games has just published a new video for the upcoming Soul Fighter limited game mode for League of Legends featuring a 2v2v2v2 brawl arena. In the video, we see some of the mode’s core mechanics which include Augments much like what we see in Teamfight Tactics, and different maps for each round.

According to the new Soul Fighter gameplay trailer, 8 players will brawl against in teams of two. You will queue up with another teammate, choose your champion and enter the arena. Every round, a new map will spawn, giving you different terrain and obstacles to create strategic plays.

Between fights, you’ll be able to choose augments to enhance your champion which comes in rarities like in TFT. In the trailer, we see some of them like the Now You See Me augment which allows you to get a summoner spell that teleports you a bit earlier in the fight, something like Ekko’s ultimate ability. We also see the Extendo Arm which gives you a Blitzcrank Hook and the Blade Waltz which makes you untargetable while dashing and offers a repeated attack like the old Fiora Ultimate.

Soul Fighter releases in League of Legends on July 20th and will run until August 28th. For the time being, Riot Games doesn’t intend to make the game mode a stable in LoL. However, that might change as soon as the time stabilizes its gameplay. Alongside Soul Fighter, we’ll get a mini client game, a new event pass and new champion skins for Samira, Pyke, Viego, Naafiri, Lux, Sett and more.

Riot Games has also revealed similar events for Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra so stay tuned for more information on those.

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