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Wunder To Play For Fnatic In The Upcoming LEC Match Against Team BDS

Wunder fnatic roster changes

A recent announcement on Fnatic’s part has given the team’s fans mixed feelings about Oscarinin giving his spot on the team to ex-Fnatic top laner, Wunder for their upcoming LEC match. This comes after Oscar’s hand injury which also impacted his performance in Fnatic’s latest game. However, for the time being, Wunder will be getting his chair back, leading the team into a huge match against Team BDS.

Martin “Wunder” Hansen is undeniably one of the most loved players the LEC has seen in its recent history. With a huge bio in G2 Esports and a decent performance with Fnatic, Wunder has proven more than capable of handling tough situations, much like this one. Take a look at what he said on the matter on his Twitter page:

I didn’t expect to play competitively this year until just a few days ago when Fnatic contacted me about their unfortunate situation. I have agreed to help them out to give them a fighting chance and will use this week trying my hardest to get ready for this playoff meta.

On the other hand, Oscarinin is a young, super-talented top laner who really shined during this past split. It must be completely heartbreaking for him to be missing some of the most important games of the year but, he must rest and recover before Worlds begin. Check out what Oscarinin said on Twitter, using the automatic Twitter translation:

I’ve had the craziest, most stressful week of my life after fucking up my hand at the worst possible time. I have done everything possible to be fit to play today and although I have not been 100% I am happy that I was able to play decently. I’m super relieved to have won because after my accident I was eating my head a lot not knowing how I was going to play but now I am very happy to get to worlds since it is something that motivates me a lot and I really want to be the best and show it. I hope you support us in the season finals.

Fnatic is playing against BDS this Saturday in the LEC Season Finals for a spot in the big finals. The winner of this match will go against either G2 Esports or MAD Lions (loser in the semifinals) to determine who the second finals contestant will be.

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