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Worlds 2020 Finals Opening Ceremony – Everything We Saw

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The Worlds 2020 finals have concluded after a jaw-dropping opening ceremony and a best-of-5 leaving DAMWON Gaming as the new champion. As an LoL esports lover, the Worlds opening is something like a tradition, much like the start of the NFL or the Olympics. That’s why every year, it holds a special place in every player’s heart. This is everything we saw during the Worlds 2020 opening ceremony.

Opening up the show, we see a small introduction to the Worlds stage, including the classic countdown and an introduction the two teams.

Worlds 2020 Opening – K/DA Performance

The first performance on stage is that of Seraphine by Lexie Liu with the popular cover of Popstars. The cover this time is mixed in Chinese and English. It quickly turns to the first AR appearance which is that of Akali on her custom Ducati motorcycle.

This is the time for the K/DA to take the stage for a 3D + dance crew performance of More, the new group’s new song. This time around, the 5 3D characters are perfectly illuminated to fit the stage lighting and the movement is significantly better than the 2018 stage.


Previous Worlds Songs Remix

Shortly after the end of MORE, Legends Never Die starts and the main part of the Worlds 2020 opening starts. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the crowd starts singing at this point since the song is one of the most popular in the LoL community. After that, we hear the famous Phoenix violin solo followed by a performance of Rise along with an excellent “street sword fight” dance.

The Players Performance

This must be one of the most chilling performances in the Worlds history. No 3D, no huge lighting not extravagant settings. Players are standing at each part of the stage as the screen show players during the history of League of Legends worlds championship while the cover of Warriors play in the background. The Worlds trophy is brought to the stage and it’s time for the teams to come on too.

Worlds 2020 Opening – Take Over

The Worlds 2020 theme could not be missing from the opening of its finals. 5 drummers are standing at the center of the screen as dancers enter the stage to accompany the performance. After a glorious animation of Shangai in the colors of Worlds, the players come up to the stage, the trophy is out of its case and… Galio drops on to the stage. Yes, the incredibly tall Galio that we’ve seen during the Warriors short movie with Lux and Sylas.

This is the end of the show. The hosts go on by introducing that teams and the start of the best-of-5. Undeniably one of those Worlds finals openings that will stick in your memory for years. Did you like it?