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Worlds 2020 Opening Ceremony Trailer – Performances Confirmed

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Riot Games has just released the trailer for the Worlds 2020 opening ceremony. It’s that time of the year when we ponder whether or not this year will manage to surpass the year before. Undeniably, the opening ceremony of 2019 has set the bar high with Giants and Phoenix performances on stage. What should we expect this year?

The Worlds 2020 finals will take place on October 31, at 3:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM CST and a few lucky thousands will be able to see the games and the opening live in the Pudong Football Stadium. There, DAMWON and Suning will clash in order for the world to see its next League of Legends champion.

Every Chinese final up to date had its own cultural flair. This seems to be the case for this year as well. The trailer for the Worlds 2020 opening ceremony includes brings the future and past in it and we can clearly expect some regional drums and dance to occur during the show.

In addition, the trailer confirms that a show of K/DA and Seraphine will be the main highlight of the opening ceremony. Seraphine’s voice may or may not be Lexie Liu’s voice which is yet another name to appear in the trailer. Choreography is by The Kinjaz. Kinjaz has been tight-lipped on social media about the project so we don’t yet know the scale of the on-stage dance performance.

It’s unclear for now if we’ll get a performance of Take Over. Over the past years, each song for Worlds is present in the ceremony.

You can watch the Worlds 2020 finals opening ceremony and the best of 5 between DAMWON and Suning on October 31st. The available platforms are Youtube, Twitch, and, or course, lolesports. Note that you are still eligible for rewards while watching Worlds games and you should choose your pickemup’s champion too, in case you haven’t already.