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Wild Rift

Wild Rift – Sentinels of Light Recruits & Rewards

Wild Rift Sentinels of Light

Rise of the Sentinels is now available in League of Legends. Wild Rift shouldn’t and isn’t staying out of the festivities, with its own questline now being underway. Much like the PC version, in Wild Rift too, players will be able to acquire champions recruits to fight Viego and get rewards depending on their bond levels during Sentinels of Light.

Sentinels of Light will allow you to form a bond with Senna, Lucian, Vayne, Riven, Irelia, and Akshan as soon as he releases and get rewards for each level you complete. Check out the exact dates you’ll be able to recruit with each champion below:

Sentinels of Light Recruits Availability in Wild Rift

Senna Event Start
Lucian Event Start
Vayne 7/14
Riven 7/20
Irelia 7/20
Akshan 7/28*


Wild Rift Sentinels of Light Recruit Rewards

1 50 Sentinel Bond I
150 Blue Motes
2 150 250 Blue Motes
3 350 Sentinel Bond II
350 Blue Motes
4 650 150 Poro Energy
5 950 Sentinel Bond III
Champion Emote
150 Poro Energy
BONUS 1250 500 Poro Energy


Check below how you’ll be able to increase your champion’s levels and form a bond with them:

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Sentinel XP

Lucian Gain 2 XP for every enemy structure destroyed
Gain an additional 2 XP for every structure you helped destroy
Senna Gain 2 XP for every ward placed
Gain 3 XP for every ward destroyed
Vayne Gain 1 XP per takedown
Gain 3 XP for getting a takedown on 5 unique champions in a single game
Riven Gain 5 XP for each epic monster slain by your team
Gain 10 XP if at least 3 epic monsters are slain in a match
Irelia Gain 2 XP for every 3,000 damage dealt to enemy champions
Gain 10 XP for participating in first blood
Akshan 16 XP per game
Gain an additional 3 XP for every Sentinel champion on your team
additional 5 XP for playing in a premade team



Apart from the individual Recruit levels and XP bars, you’ll be able to get rewards depending on how many levels your recruits have summed up.

Each champion has 5 levels and since we have 6 champions in total, you can get up to 30 rewards in Wild Rift during Sentinels of Light. Check out all the available goodies below:

HQ Rewards

1 Light in the Dark icon
3 200 Blue Motes
6 For Fetter or Worse bauble
9 400 Blue Motes
13 Fighting the Good Fight bauble
16 400 Blue Motes
20 Sentinels of the Light Champion Selection Chest
22 100 Poro Coins
24 Sentinels of Light Pose Selection Chest
26 Sentinel Portal icon border
28 100 Poro Coins
30 Sentinel Master icon
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Apart from those rewards, levels 9, 20 and 30 will give you a Sentinels of Light Spawn Tag that will be available up to a week after the event’s end and will give you a cool tag under your champion whenever you start a new match.

Sentinels of Light started on July 9th, 2021 at 00:00 UTC and will end on August 10th, 2021 at 23:59 UTC. Similar events are now undergoing on League of Legends and other Riot Games’ titles, so if you are a fan of those too, don’t miss them!



For more League of Legends Wild Rift news, stay tuned to the Rift Crown. Make sure to check our guide on the easiest champions to use in each lane in Wild Rift.

Source: Wild Rift Support Page



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