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League of Legends

Wild Rift Exclusive Star Guardian Skins Make Their Way To League of Legends

Remember 8 months ago when a few gorgeous Star Guardian skins made their way into Wild Rift? Since Riot Games didn’t show any intention of bringing those into the desktop version of League of Legends as well, we thought that this would mean no Seraphine or Senna SG skins in LoL. As it seems, a few of those Wild Rift Star Guardian skins are the lucky ones, as we just now find out that they’ll be coming to League of Legends.

In a new Dev Diary update with Riot Brightmoon (Executive Producer) and Meddler (Head of League Studios), the two talked about the addition of several Wild Rift Star Guardian skins are coming to League in the near future. However, we don’t know the exact time when that’ll happen. Those skins are:

  • Star Guardian Seraphine
  • Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah
  • Redeemed Star Guardian Rakan

As Meddler detailed, more Wild Rift exclusive skins will come to League at a later date, although he didn’t give us a clue on what we should look out for. You can watch the full dev diary here:

During the video, Brightmoon also talked about the ASU’s Riot is introducing to LoL, with the next in line being Teemo and Lee Sin. In addition, we’ll also see a pricing update to champions as well as the start of Clash for this season. It’s a real surprise to be seeing Riot being serious about their dev updates in a more casual way so that players can look out for more cool things and avoid uprise as we’ve seen in the previous months.

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