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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Crystal Rose Event Missions, Milestones & Rewards

Wild Rift Crystal Rose Missions

A new event is now available in Wild Rift, just in time for the release of the Crystal Rose skin line. Back to back events, are not a new feat for the popular mobile game as Path of Justice was available earlier today. Right after its end, the Crystal Rose missions and rewards are now available for Wild Rift players worldwide. Continue reading to see all available content in the game right now.

According to Riot Games, the Crystal Rose event missions will be available starting December 15th, 2021 / 00:00 UTC and will end on December 24th, 2021 / 23:59 UTC. During the event you will get EXP for each game you play plus an extra EXP for wearing a Crystal Rose skin.

Check out the table below for details on the daily objectives:

Time to Play Play a game
(Repeatable 3x daily)
1 XP each
Dress Your Best Play a game as, with, or against a Crystal Rose skin

Eligible skins: 

  • Crystal Rose Ezreal
  • Crystal Rose Jarvan IV
  • Crystal Rose Lux
  • Crystal Rose Sona
1 XP
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The milestones available for the Crystal Rose event missions are short but the rewards are more than welcome. Apart  from an icon, 3 boosts, blue motes and Poro Coins, the last milestone will reward players with a Pose Selection chest. Check out the available poses below:

1 3 Crystal Rose Icon
2 6 3 Blue Mote Boosts
3 9 100 Blue Motes
4 13 20 Poro Coins
5 18 Crystal Rose Pose Selection Chest
Contains 1 of the following:

  • Crystal Rose Ezreal Pose
  • Crystal Rose Jarvan IV Pose
  • Crystal Rose Lux Pose
  • Crystal Rose Sona Pose
  • Ezreal Pose
  • Jarvan IV Pose
  • Lux Pose
  • Sona Pose


The Crystal Rose skins are available for Lux, Sona, Ezreal and Jarvan IV and are available now in the Wild Rift store.

For more League of Legends news, guides and updates, stay tuned in The Rift Crown.


Source: Wild Rift Support

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