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Wild Rift

Crystal Rose Skins For Lux, Ezreal, Sona & Jarvan For Wild Rift

Crystal Rose Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift is getting new skins soon, bringing the popular Crystal Rose skin line to the mobile MOBA. Unlike the PC version, the Crystal Rose skins look more like wedding gowns and groom suits, giving the game a more niche look and feel. The champions getting those new skins are  Lux, Ezreal, Jarvan IV, and Sona.

The announcement came a couple of days ago through Riot Games’ social accounts for Wild Rift. Both Facebook and Twitter got swarm by wedding-like videos and images of the 4 champions, all dressed in white. The Crystal Rose skins will be available today in Wild Rift and Skin Spotlights Wild Rift has already uploaded all of them in video format. Take a look:

Crystal Rose Lux

Crystal Rose Ezreal


Crystal Rose Sona


Crystal Rose Jarvan IV



Note that the Path to Justice ended today in Wild Rift. During the event, players could complete missions and get emotes, Kayle or Morgana for free, Blue Motes, and more. If you didn’t get the chance to join that event, make sure to not miss Crystal Rose and all its brand new rewards.

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