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Teamfight Tactics

Which Are The Support Items in TFT Set 9.5?

TFT Set 9.5 Support Items

Some of TFTs’ most overlooked items will be converted to support items in Set 9.5 Horizonbound. Undeniably, this will breathe some new air into them as, not only will new items be released into the mode, but those support items will prove more useful. Those support items will offer their adjacent effects to your team, opening up opportunities for all kinds of new plays in Teamfight Tactics. Continue reading to see all the support items for TFT Set 9.5 Horizonbound.

Support Items – TFT Set 9.5

Aegis of the Legion

+250 Health

Combat start: Grant 30% Attack Speed and 20 Armor and Magic Resist to the holder and allies behind them for 10 seconds.


Banshee’s Veil

+250 Health

Combat Start: Grant the holder and allies within I hexes in the same row immunity to crowd control for 18 seconds.  [Unique – only I per champion]


Shroud of Stillness

+250 Health

Combat Start: Shoot a beam that 30% Mana Reaves enemies. Your team gains 100 Health. [Unique – only I per champion]

Mana Reave: increase maximum Mana until the next cast


Obsidian Cleaver

+250 Health

Damage dealt 30% Shreds and 30% Sunders enemies for 15 seconds. [Unique – only I per champion]

Shred: Reduce Magic Resist

Sunder: Reduce

Armor Locket of the Iron Solari

+250 Health

Combat start: The holder and allies within 2 hexes in the same row gain a 200/250/300 Shield, 25 Armor, and 25 Magic Resist for 20 seconds.


Needlessly Big Gem

+250 Health

If the holder is alive after 15 seconds of combat, gain per 2 living allies and grant living allies 35% bonus damage.


Randuin’s Omen

+250 Health

I gold Combat start: Grant 33 Armor and 33 Magic Resistance to the holder and adjacent allies.


Chalice of Power

+250 Health

Combat start: Grant 20 Ability Power and 15 Mana to the holder and allies within 2 hexes in the same row.


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