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Project L

What Abilities Does Yasuo Have In Project L?

yasuo abilities project l cover

Yasuo is officially announced for Project L and with that, the recent leak is confirmed. In today’s champion reveal, we see Yasuo the Unforged yielding his blade into Project L with some of his most popular abilities. But what abilities can we see in the recent Yasuo champion reveal for Project L? Continue reading to find out more.

Looking at the video, you’ll see Yasuo using some rather tasteful blade mechanics. However, he keeps true to his League of Legends self. In between cuts, you can see him using his block passive to counter attacks as well as his Wind Shield in order to protect him and his ally. Additionally, his signature Whirlwind wouldn’t be missing from his Project L kit. In fact, it seems rather cool to see him use it in such high definition. Let’s not forget about all his slices with his blade, which are quite a spectacle to see.

We still don’t know when Project L officially releases and it might be some time before we find out. However, it’s true that the whole League community is eager to see champions fight it out in a brawl. For the time being, we know that Yasuo, Jinx, Ekko, Darius, and Ahri will be available in the game with more coming in later champion reveals.

Project L is a fighting tag-style video game by Riot Games. In it, you can play solo or duo with a friend. We don’t yet know what modes we’ll be able to play in. Especially, if there will be a ranked ladder but we’ll sure keep an eye out for more future updates for Project L.

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