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Project L

Next Project L Champion Leak Ahead of EVO 2023

project l champion leak

EVO 2023 starts in a few days and apart from the high-stakes fighting tournaments, players will be able to play a demo of Riot Games’ Project L for the first time. For the time being, we know Darius, Ahri, and Ekko will be playable. However, the latest leak suggests that another LoL fan-favorite champion will be launching in Project L during EVO.

The leak comes from Unroolie, a gaming influencer, releasing a video of him playing an early demo in the Riot HQ. During the video, a monitor shows another champion in Project L, resulting in a major leak. The champion in question is Yasuo. The influencer was quick to edit out the exact moment. However, it wasn’t before fans managed to get a screenshot of Yasuo going against Darius in a match in Project L.

For what it’s worth Yasuo will be announced as a part of Project L in 3 days. EVO 2023 starts on August 4th. Players will most likely be able to play as or against him in the venue.

We still don’t know what Project L’s name will be. However, after the hype the Sou Fighter event is causing right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the name Riot Games is going with. In addition, the game has no set release date yet, so make sure to tune back in for more news on that front.

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