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League of Legends

Tournament of Souls – How to Beat Sett In Expert Mode

how to beat sett expert

Our favorite Arena master Sett, is the next champion we’ll need to beat in the Expert mode of Tournament of Souls. Sett is not pretty difficult to defeat but he can be pretty tanky and also requires correct timing in your abilities in order to secure the win.

Let’s take a look at which abilities we’ll use in order to beat Sett in the Expert mode of Tournament of Souls.

Q – LVL 1

W – LVL 2

E – LVL 2

R – LVL 1

You damage combo will be E > Q for damage, along with your R when it’s up. E > Q should be performed consequently so make sure both cooldowns are up to use them together. You will need to keep your W and use it when you see Sett readying his punch. First, he will stun you and then ready up his ability. Pay close attention so that you can use your W when you see him extend his arm towards you. His animation is fast so make sure to time this move correctly. Using your E, Q together and countering his punch appropriately will give you the win even if you live with only 10% life, since you can’t really dodge the stun.

The Tournament of Souls mini-game will be available during the Soul Fighter event, which ends on August 28th. You can see the full list of Tournament of Souls rewards here.

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