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League of Legends

LoL Tournament of Souls – Reputation Points & Rewards

tournament of souls reputation rewards

The new Soul Fighter event is now live in League of Legends, giving players one of the best rotating game modes to ever release in League. The new event released alongside a mini game event, the Tournament of Souls, which pitches you against AI opponents fitting the Soul Fighter thematic, scoring you reputation. While you earn Reputation in LoL Tournament of Souls, you get rewards, which you can see below:


Jhin 0
Gwen 4 soul-fighter-gods-eye-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter God’s Eye Icon
Q – Piercing Precision
Lux 8 30 Event Shop Tokens
E – Twilight Rush
Naafiri 12 W – Back Atcha
Jhin 16 W – Blade Drain
Pyke 20 30 Event Shop Tokens
Q – Deadshot
Evelynn 24 E – Style on ‘Em
Sett 28 R – Immortal Inferno
Shaco 32 30 Event Shop Tokens
Viego 36
??? 40 Random SF Champion Shard:
Gwen, Lux, Naafiri, Jhin, Pyke, Evelynn, Sett, Shaco, Viego, Samira


Gwen 45 soul-fighter-gwen-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Gwen Combat Icon
Lux 50 soul-fighter-lux-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Lux Combat Icon
Naafiri 55 soul-fighter-naafiri-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Naafiri Combat Icon
30 Event Shop Tokens
Jhin 60 soul-fighter-jhin-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Jhin Combat Icon
Pyke 65 soul-fighter-pyke-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Pyke Combat Icon
Evelynn 70 soul-fighter-evelynn-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Evelynn Combat Icon
Super Stylish Emote
Sett 75 soul-fighter-sett-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Sett Combat Icon
Shaco 80 soul-fighter-shaco-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Shaco Combat Icon
30 Event Shop Tokens
Viego 85 soul-fighter-viego-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Viego Combat Icon
??? 90 soul-fighter-samira-combat-icon.jpg
Soul Fighter Samira Combat Icon
SF Lobby Banner Skin

You can score Reputation points and get rewards by playing in the LoL Arena, completing missions, and continuing the storyline in Tournament of Souls. In addition the Arena grants you points in a new “ranked” system, which will hopefully integrate in the game permanently sometime after the event’s end. The event will be live until August 28th and you can redeem your event points until September 4th. May the Arena grant you exceptional wins!

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