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League of Legends

Tournament of Souls – How to Beat Evelynn In Expert Mode

how to beat evelynn expert

Moving on further into the Expert mode of Tournament of Souls, we’ll need to beat Evelynn again, getting one step closer to the final boss. This time around, we’ll need to counter her damage and deal

Q – LVL 3

W – LVL 2

E – LVL 1

R – LVL 1

Your main combo will be E > Q > W > Q and E > Q to reach your R threshold. Your R will deal a huge percentage of damage to Evelynn so make sure to use it quickly before she enters her stealth.  Your W will become useful after Evelynn uses her stealth. Immediately when you see her exit her stealth, press W to counter her main source of damage. Other than that, your combo will be able to finish off the fight pretty easily. Eve is pretty squishy in this stage, so if you manage to poke her and counter her stealth exit then you are off to a quick win. This is how you beat Evelynn in the expert mode of Tournament of Souls.

The Tournament of Souls mini-game will be available during the Soul Fighter event, which ends on August 28th. You can see the full list of Tournament of Souls rewards here.

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