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TFT Reckoning 2 Pass Cosmetics – The Hero Era

TFT Reckoning 2 Pass

The ongoing TFT pass is coming to an end and Reckoning 2 is taking its place with new cosmetics like little legends, arenas and more. To top that, the pass will grand you more star shards to upgrade little legends, emotes, and more. Continue reading to find all the details of what’s to come in Reckoning 2. If you want to see what unit changes the new pass includes, click here.

The TFT Reckoning 2 Pass will be available for purchase on July 21st, alongside update 11.15, and costs 1295RP. As always, the “ladder” will include different rewards for each level, some free for all players and some available only for pass holders.

Check out all-new little legends and arenas and booms below:


TFT Reckoning 2 Pass


Reckoning 2 Pass Arenas

Purchasable Arenas





Riot Games also details that all players who have successfully reached Gold in Ranked TFT play will get a new emote in the future although a set date isn’t available yet.

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The event description reads:

“Hope breaks through the Black Mist, shining a light on the Sacred Keep, where a new host of Heroes take their first steps into a brand new world by spamming emotes and stuffing their face-holes in preparation for their next adventure. With this new day comes the Dawn of Heroes Mid-Set complete with RPG-inspired Little Legends, arenas, and just over the horizon — is the wild west?

Saddle up buckaroo, cause we’ll be riding into all this and more, right here, and right before Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes begins July 21st with the release of patch 11.15! 

Whether you decide to commit in Teamfight Tactics Reckoning 2 Pass+ or not, the new season is close and it will be time again to adjust our strategy and playstyle. Finger crossed for a more stable meta this time, without the coven and forgotten madness.

For more Teamfight Tactics news and updates, stay tuned to The Rift Crown.

Source: Surrender@20

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