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Teamfight Tactics Reckoning 2 Unit Changes – End To The Coven

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In something less than 10 days, the ongoing Reckoning season in Teamfight Tactics, giving place to Reckoning 2 including unit changes. If you ground a lot with Covens and Forgottens the past few months, it’s time to reconsider. Beloved units like Katarina, Mordekaiser, and LeBlanc are getting removed. Instead, new units like Senna, Rakan, and Olaf are joining the mode, along with Akshan the new League of Legends champion as soon as he releases.


Continue reading to find all the unit changes in Reckoning 2 in Teamfight Tactics:



  • Forget about some Forgotten – With the powers of the Black Mist ebbing, Forgotten Champions now gain their stacking bonuses after each victorious combat they participate in. Forgotten is also dropping down to a 2/4/6/8 Vertical. Go ahead and forget about the following:
    • Warwick
    • Viktor
    • Katarina
  • Dragonslayers slayed – While the Dragonslayer trait will be leaving, Diana will stick around. Diana will retire from her Dragonslayer career, yet continue to slay anything but Dragons (Draconic champs and pets are still fair game). Say goodbye to:
    • Trundle
    • Pantheon
    • Mordekaiser
  • The Coven has crumbled – No witchcraft can reconjure these sorcerers:
    • Lissandra
    • LeBlanc
    • Morgana
  • Rearranging Rangers – There’s a new Ranger ready for action, which means we need to make some room, so give a good spirited farewell to:
    • Kindred
  • Fiddeling with Abomination – Let’s see who drew the short end of the Stick:
    • Ryze
  • The Verdant Wilt – Ashe and Kayle will be sticking around without their third trait, but you can say good Knight to your sweet prince:
    • Taric
  • The Fall of a God-king – There is only one true God-King. And that one is not the loser:
    • Darius



Cannoneer (2/4/6) – Locked and loaded, every fifth shot, Cannonnear Champions deal a percent of that attack’s damage in an explosion around the target as physical damage. Here’s who’s packing the heat:

  • Senna: Tier 1 Sentinel
  • Tristana: Tier 2 Hellion
  • Miss Fortune: Tier 3 Forgotten
  • Lucian: Tier 4 Sentinel


Sentinel (3/6/9) – At start of combat, the Sentinel with the highest Health gains a shield that grants Attack Speed each time it is applied. When the shield is destroyed or expires it will pass to the ally with the lowest percent Health. The shield Health and the Attack Speed get bigger with more Sentinels.

  • Olaf: Tier 1 Skirmisher
  • Senna: Tier 1 Cannoneer
  • Irelia: Tier 2 Legionnaire, Skirmisher
  • Pyke: Tier 2 Assassin
  • Rakan: Tier 3 Renewer
  • Galio: Tier 4 Draconic, Knight
  • Lucian: Tier 4 Cannoneer
  • Akshan: Tier 5 Ranger
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Gwen: Tier 5 Inanimate, Mystic

  • Ability – Weaving her way through battle, Gwen dashes behind her target and performs 2 rapid snips in a cone in front of her, dealing magic damage, while healing for a portion of the damage dealt. If only one enemy is hit, Gwen will increase the number of snips by 1 for the remainder of combat.
  • Inanimate – At the start of combat, Inanimate champions summon Hallowed Mist in the 1 hex surrounding them for a few seconds, granting all allies within damage reduction from enemies outside of the mist.
  • Tailoring your Comp – Use Gwen if you come up against heavy magic damage to add Mystics to your composition. Gwen’s passive trait, Inanimate, allows you to protect most of your team at the start of each round. This makes Gwen fit seamlessly into Skirmisher comps due to their high number of melee carries that can stack with Gwen on the frontline.
  • The Final Thread – Because Gwen’s ability heals from a percentage of the damage it does, she’s better equipped with resistances and Ability Power than flat Health. There’s lots of decision making involved in positioning Gwen. While melee comps benefit from placing Gwen in the center to maximize Inanimate, other comps might want to position Gwen on the flanks. Placing Gwen on the edges of the battlefield allows her to reap more damage from sewing in extra snips each time she hits only one enemy.


Garen: Tier 5 Dawnbringer, Knight, Victorious

  • Get Wrekt Darius – The war of the God-Kings has ended. Night makes way for Dawn, and Garen brings an end to Wolf’s Carnage with the momentum of change that has spread across the Convergence. There is now only one God-King, and he is Victorious.
  • Victorious – When a Victorious champion scores a kill, their next attack is empowered to deal 40% of the target’s missing health as bonus magic damage.
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Akshan: Tier 5 Ranger, Sentinel

Akshan swings in to save the day in Runeterra with the ability to shoot ropes to swing around, camouflage indefinitely near walls, resurrect his pals, print gold, shoot bullets, and shred armor. Sheesh, the crazy things people will do just to make a few friends. With all these heroic attributes, Akshan is the perfect fit for Dawn of Heroes, where for the first time ever, TFT is announcing the new Champion just a few hours before those Summoner Rifters get their QWER fingers on him. So what am I doing with this honor… squandering it by taking a moment to ruin every Akshan pun. Alright, let’s swing into it… heroically.

  • Ability – Akshan rolls to the nearest edge of the battlefield, anchors his grappling hook to the center of the battlefield, then becomes untargetable, heroically swinging in a circle. While swinging he continuously shoots the enemy nearest to him, each shot dealing physical damage scaling with his AD, and reducing their Armor for 5 seconds.
  • The Main AttrAkshan – The new Ranger may only be a frAkshan of the Sentinel crew, but I assure you, his charisma and ability will have you hooked. The Sentinel vertical trait provides frontline and peel, but being the rule breaker he is, Akshan’s mobility provides even more.
  • Swinging into Akshan – Armor Shred on his Absolver (his gun), the Ranger trait, and a ‘get it done’ attitude make Akshan a great support for our sad boi Aphelios, who needs all the help he can get. But to make Akshan an Absolve-lutely powerful perfAkshan, stack AD items like he’s cosplaying as Samira from Fates. I’ll let you grapple with that mental image for a second.


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