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valorant 5.10 patch notes valorant 5.10 patch notes
Updates3 weeks ago

Valorant Update 5.10 Patch Notes – Cypher Buff, Fade Nerf

The Update 5.10 patch notes list for Valorant is live, including a big chunk of buffs for Cypher and a...

neeko rework leak neeko rework leak
Uncategorized3 weeks ago

Leaked Neeko Rework Abilities Revealed For Mid-Scope Update

It might come as a surprise for many to read that Neeko might be getting an Ability rework in the...

yasuo legends of runeterra 3.19 patch notes yasuo legends of runeterra 3.19 patch notes
Legends of Runeterra4 weeks ago

Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.19 Notes – Seraphine, Vayne Nerfs & Spirit Blossom

Update 3.19 is coming soon to Legends of Runeterra and Riot Games has recently released the patch notes for everything...

Wild Rift 3.5 Update Wild Rift 3.5 Update
Updates4 weeks ago

Wild Rift 3.5 Update – New Champions, Items, Game Mode & More

Riot Games is working full time on Wild Rift and its road to perfection with a big Update, 3.5 that...

Teamfight Tactics1 month ago

TFT 12.21 Patch Notes – Small But Meaningfull Changes

Teamfight Tactics is getting a small update in the next patch cycle, one that shouldn’t be overlooked though. In the...

blue buff lol jungle pets blue buff lol jungle pets
League of Legends2 months ago

What are the Upcoming Jungle Pets in League of Legends?

During the recent Preseason changes for 2023 video, Riot Games has detailed some of the much-needed changes coming to Summoners...

lol 12.19 patch notes lol 12.19 patch notes
League of Legends2 months ago

LoL 12.19 Patch Notes – Syndra & Blitzcrank Changes

The full patch notes for update 12.19 is now available and the LoL dev team went above and beyond to...

TFT 12.18 Patch Notes TFT 12.18 Patch Notes
Teamfight Tactics3 months ago

TFT 12.18 Patch Notes – Nunu / Aphelios Get Nerfs & Astral Comeback

A new update is coming to Teamfight Tactics, featuring big nerfs and buffs to some of the best traits and...

Teamfight Tactics5 months ago

TFT 12.13 Patch Notes – Astral/Warrior Buffs & Aurelion Sol Rework

Update 12.13 is coming soon to League of Legends and as always it comes with a set of TFT patch...

legends of runeterra evelynn legends of runeterra evelynn
Legends of Runeterra5 months ago

Legends of Runeterra Gets Kai’Sa, Evelynn & Gwen Champions in Forces From Beyond

A new expansion, Forces from Beyond was revealed recently by Riot Games for Legends of Runeterra and it includes 3...

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