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Rogue & Fnatic Go Undefeated In The First LEC Spring Split 2022 Weeks

Rogue LEC Spring Split 2022

The first two weeks of the LEC Spring Split 2022 are officially over and there are two weeks that dominate the leaderboards: Rogue & Fnatic. Both teams played exceptionally well during their first 5 games, going undefeated into week 3. Interestingly, the first game we’ll see any of these teams next week will be against each other. This Friday will be a bloodbath.

Rogue has already gotten some hard games out of the way, after scoring a week against Mad Lions and Misfits Gaming in the past two weeks. After a great performance during the last split, it’s Comp and Malrang’s addition to the roster that made the team excel, with Comp managing to not only get an MVP during the past weeks but he’s also the highest-rated player in the LEC Fantasy with 228 points. Larssen is also high in the ranks, being 4th with 169 points.

Next week, Rogue is going up against Fnatic on Friday and Vitality on Saturday, making it a crucial stage for the team’s great performance.

Going back to Fnatic, their upcoming week is also a hard one. After facing Rogue on Friday, they go against G2 Esports on Saturday facing yet another huge opponent in the tournament. Hyllisang and Upset prove to be a huge duo in the competition right now, coming head to head with Comp and Trymbi as to who is holds the scepter of the best bot lane duo. It might still be early to say, but it seems like the LEC Spring Split 2022 will have us hanging by a thread.

Fnatic go against Rogue in the LEC Spring Split 2022 on Friday and G2 Esports on Saturday. Are you ready for what seems like one of the best weeks the LEC has to offer before the playoffs?

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