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Rogue Announces Full LEC Roster – Signs Comp & Malrang

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Rogue has just announced its final LEC Spring split 2022 roster, adding two new members to its team. More specifically, Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos is coming to Rogue as a bottom lane carry and Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong in the jungle lane.

Comp is coming straight out of Vitality, after almost a year of hiatus. The popular ADC has some major solo queue achievements this year so it’s not an understatement to say that him and Trymbi will be a deadly combo next year. As for Malrang, he comes from Damwon KIA, where he was a substitute jungler for Canyon.

To sum everything up, the full Rogue roster for the LEC spring split 2022 is as follows: “Odoamne” in the Top Lane, “Malrang” in the Jungle role, “Larssen” in the Mid Lane, “Comp” as an AD Carry and “Trymbi” in the support role.

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This is nowhere close to a weak roster and Rogue has solid chances to keep its current standing in the LEC.

As for the other LEC teams, check out some of the most notable rosters so far:

Team Vitality

Top  Alphari
Jungle  Selfmade
Mid  Perkz
ADC  Carzzy
Supp  Labrov


G2 Esports

Top  BrokenBlade
Jungle  Jankos
Mid  Caps
ADC  Flakked
Supp  Targamas


MAD Lions

Top  Armut
Jungle  Elyoya
Mid  Reeker
Supp  Kaiser



Top  Wunder
Jungle  Razork
Mid  Humanoid
ADC  Upset
Supp  Hylissang


The new LEC season starts on January 14th and it will be interesting to see how the standings play out this year with all those roster changes. Hopefully this will be one of the most stacked splits we’ve seen. We’ll know for sure when the new season starts next month.

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