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legends of runeterra evelynn legends of runeterra evelynn
Legends of Runeterra3 months ago

Legends of Runeterra Gets Kai’Sa, Evelynn & Gwen Champions in Forces From Beyond

A new expansion, Forces from Beyond was revealed recently by Riot Games for Legends of Runeterra and it includes 3...

League of Legends3 months ago

League of Legends Patch Notes 12.12 – Bel’Veth First Nerf And Night Harvester Change

The upcoming 12.12 update patch notes are available for League of Legends. Get ready for a huge chunk of champion...

valorant 4.01 patch notes valorant 4.01 patch notes
Valorant8 months ago

Valorant Patch Notes 4.01 – Ares Weapon Buff Imminent

A new update for Valorant has been announced by Riot Games and the patch notes for 4.01 are available right...

asia legends of runeterra asia legends of runeterra
Legends of Runeterra9 months ago

Legends of Runeterra Asia & SEA Servers To Merge This Month

Riot Games has recently announced that two of the four servers in Legends of Runeterra will merge into one in...

masterwork chest milestone masterwork chest milestone
League of Legends9 months ago

What Are The Capsule & Masterwork Milestone Rewards in LoL?

League of Legends is changing in Season 12 and one of its biggest changes is the new adjustments in events...

Mythic Essence lol Mythic Essence lol
League of Legends9 months ago

What Is Mythic Essence In LoL And How To Get It

Big changes are coming to League of Legends and more specifically, how events work. Right now, you get event tokens...

League of Legends9 months ago

League of Legends Update 12.1 Patch Notes – New Teleport & Diana Buff

The new ranked season for League of Legends is starting in less than 2 days and with it comes slight...

Kayle Morgana Wild Rift Kayle Morgana Wild Rift
Wild Rift10 months ago

Kayle & Morgana Are Coming To Wild Rift In Patch 2.6

The League of Legends Wild Rift roster is growing larger and larger each week with the developer team dedicated to...

TFT Patch 11.23 TFT Patch 11.23
Teamfight Tactics10 months ago

TFT Patch 11.23 – Gangplank, Samira & Missfortune Nerfs Incoming

A new update is coming to Teamfight Tactics and with it comes a wave of nerfs for some of the...

Varus VFX Rework Varus VFX Rework
League of Legends10 months ago

Varus VFX Rework Available In 11.24 Update

Did you think our all-time-favorite champions were left uncared for while the new ones are thriving in Summoner’s Rift? Well,...

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