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League of Legends

Nexus Blitz Goes Live In League of Legends Next Week

league of legends nexus blitz

It’s been quite a few years since Riot Games has introduced a new mode in League of Legends, with ARAM being the last. That is, of course, if you exclude Teamfight Tactics which is pretty much a whole different game. Nexus Blitz, the brand new 5v5 mode in League of Legends is going live next week with patch 10.15, hoping to bring more players into a brand new strategy in MOBA.

Riot Games has hosted a new “LoL thoughts” a couple of days back. In it, they reveal more information about Nexus Blitz in League of Legends. The team reveals that the new limited time mode will be available on the live server next week. Alongside it, we’ll find Lillia and the Spirit Blossom event. The post reads:

Nexus Blitz should be live next week with patch 10.15! We’re really excited to see what you all think of this updated version, both art and gameplay. It’s going to be out for two patches and our plan is to also have it return in the future again for other events. We’ll continue to work on Nexus Blitz over time, so would love your feedback on it to help with that.

The developer team of Nexus Blitz will keep on balancing the tweaking the mode in the weeks to come. Player feedback will be of great importance for its stability. The fact the nexus Blitz brings new mechanics and items into the mix will require special treatment until it’s treated as the new standard.

Apart from the new 5v5 mode, patch 10.15 brings Lillia into League of Legends. In addition, the start of Spirit Blossom is coming, with brand new missions and pass. The premium Spirit Blossom Pass comes with a brand new skin for Teemo. Last but not least, you’ll be able to redeem your prestige points for the exclusive Yasuo skin.

Source: Surrender@20

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