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Project L

Project L Playable Demo At EVO 2023 In August

Riot Games had some pretty big news to share with fans about Project L, their upcoming fighting game. According to the latest official confirmation, a playable demo of Project L will be available at EVO 2023. The demo will launch alongside the reveal of a new champion for the game, which for the time being is unknown.

Project L still has no release date but each new gameplay video is a new hype factor for LoL fans. Riot Games has released a new gameplay video today, featuring a full match with Darius, Ahri, and Ekko as the playable characters. This is the first time we see how a full match of Project L plays out with combos and ending animations. This gives us all the more reason to get excited about its release.

Apart from the gameplay video, Riot has revealed that a playable demo of Project L will be available for players to try during EVO 2023 on August 4-5 in Last Vegas. EVO includes tournaments across various fighting games, including TEKKEN 7, DRAGON BALL FighterZ, STREET FIGHTER 6, and more.

For more information check out the latest releases at Project L’s official website.

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