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New Sentinels of Light Skins Revealed For League of Legends

Sentinels of Light Skins

Riot Games has no chill this week and continues revealing new content, skins, and game modes for the next few weeks. During the upcoming Sentinels of Light event, there will be a whooping number of skins releasing and it doesn’t stay at the 6 we’ve seen so far. Adding to Vayne, Diana, Pantheon, and the others, Sentinels of Light is getting 5 more skins for the Sentinels of Light event.

A variety of champions will be getting a mention in the upcoming event and thankfully a lot of them haven’t shined recently. As a result, Graves, Rengar, Thresh, Miss Fortune, and Pyke are getting their own new skins.

Sentinels of Light Skins Part 2

Unbound Thresh

Ruined Miss Fortune


Sentinel Pyke


Sentinel Rengar


Sentinel Graves


Sentinels of Light Skins


Check out the following video by SkinSpotlights to see the new Sentinels skins in action:




Don’t forget that there’s more content than just new skins coming to League of Legends in a few days with Sentinels of Light. According to Riot Games, a new game mode Ultimate Spellbook will release, giving you access to another champion’s ultimate ability in addition to your own. In addition. a new pass will become available much like every other time so you can expect more grinding in the weeks to come.

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Pantheon will be the center of “skin attention” in this event, as he is getting his very first Prestige outfit. As for the new champion, Akshan will launch on July 22nd with a Cyber Pop skin that screams Cyberpunk 2077 and we are loving it already.

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