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League of Legends

LoL Arena Will Come Back in December 2023 With New Augments

lol arena back december

After what seemed like only 2 days and a few hours, the Arena is leaving LoL before September and fans are already wondering when it will come back. Riot Games was quick to respond to the answer, in a new dev update amongst other changes coming to the popular MOBA.

According to Riot Brightmoon and Meddler, the Riot Games mode team will continue working on the Arena as soon as it leaves LoL in order to bring it back as soon as possible. Given their previous opinions on the matter, which wanted Arena to be coming back if fans like it enough, we can safely say that its release was with great success.

The dev update stated that the mode team will work behind the scenes in order to make the game mode even more compelling than before. First, the team will need to go through champion balancing so that more champions will be viable. Moreover, new Augments will be released in order to make the battles even more chaotic. In addition, we shouldn’t leave out the fact that the team intends to give players more options to play with friends apart from the Duo option.

If the dev update is to be final, we should expect the Arena to come back in LoL in early December. This will give Riot some time to fine-tune the popular game mode so that it matches the League of Legends state of game accordingly.

Don’t get ready to frown just yet though. Before Arena’s relaunch in League of Legends, Riot Games intends to bring back the Nexus Blitz in late October. Additionally, the mode will launch for a 5-week run. Maybe Arena’s success will shine some of its light onto other modes as well.

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