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League of Legends

LoL Arena Ranked System – Tiers & Format

LoL Arena Ranked tiers

After years upon years of waiting for a new rotating game mode, this summer is finally the time where we get to dive into a brand new mode in League of Legends. The Arena, the latest RGM for LoL is now live, giving players the chance to queue up with a duo or matchmake with another player and enter the pit against 3 more duos for intense and precise brawls. The LoL Arena comes packed with its own ranked system, which includes 5 tiers to climb.

The LoL Arena ranked system includes the following tiers:

  • Wood
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gladiator

Your ultimate goal is to reach the Gladiator tier, although we don’t know if there will be any rewards following your ascent in the ranks. However, your rank will determine your opponents, which will mean a lot since this is a high APM, fast decision-making mode. For what it’s worth, the Arena ranks will give players a reason to keep on grinding, which is always the purpose of League of Legends.

The Arena is a rotating game mode thus it won’t be available to players permanently. However, Riot Games has expressed the opportunity to make it permanent if players show their interest in it. Undeniably, its start is strong with players, switching from the new ranked season to Arena for some fun, while content creators show the craziest and funniest combos to try out with friends.

The Soul Fighter event will be available until August 28th and you have until then to grind your way to Gladiator in the Arena. Note that a new event pass is available right now in League, giving you loot for every milestone you reach.

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