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Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runettera Soraka & Tam Kench Deck

Legends of Runettera Soraka & Tam Kench

Soraka and Tahm Kench are now available in Legends of Runettera, spicing the game up with heals and new mechanics. Even though Shyvana was the talk of archetype creators with her combo possibilities, Soraka and Tahm provide a strong combo that can easily become tier SSS deck and annihilate even in high ranked as well.

The list we’ll mention below is by Jeff Hoogland, Youtube content creator. Make sure to watch his playthrough guide to see how you can succsefully execute all mechanics with this deck.

Legends of Runettera Soraka & Tam Kench Decklist

  • Soraka 3x
  • Tahm Kench 3x
  • Star Spring 3x
  • Crusty Codger 3x
  • Star Shepherd 3x
  • Boxtopus 3x
  • Fortune Croaker 3x
  • Guilding Touch 3x
  • Hush 1x
  • Pale Cascade 2x
  • Sunblessed Vigor 2x
  • Divergent Paths 2x
  • Zenith Blade 3x
  • Astral Protection 3x
  • Bastion 3x


Legends of Runettera Soraka & Tam Kench


Note that there’s a new expansion, Monuments of Power available right now. It includes 40 collectible cards from which 3 are champions. More specifically, Shyvana, Soraka, and Tahm Kench. Within the expansion, you’ll also find variety of new features and content across the game. A brand new card type—Landmarks—that represent powerful locations in Runeterra and boast unique, game-changing abilities.

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The new expansion came just in time for Riot’s announcement for Seasonal Tournaments in Legends of Runettera.

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