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Legends of Runeterra

4 Meta Legends of Runeterra Decks To Boost Your Rating

Heimerdinger Leagends of Runeterra Deck

Climbing up the ranking ladder in Legends of Runeterra isn’t an easy cookie to break, making Meta decks a one-way-street for players that want to reach the top tier. Decks of Runeterra is a solid source for great meta decks, one that players trust on a daily basis in order to succeed. We gathered the top meta decks for Legends of Runeterra on their website, for you to quickly reference and copy their deck codes.

Karm/Ezreal Control

Iona-Piltover control decks are a solid pick in Legends of Runeterra, making this one of the top meta decks right now. This deck relies on recalling units and dealing damage with spells, so you might find it a bit hard to get into the right mindset. Give it a few games and you’ll see that the strategy unfolds in front of you and can easily carry you for a few tiers before things start getting rough.


Miss Fortune/Sejuani Tempo

A great combo deck that is mostly comprised of new Bilgewater cards. Combining those with stable Freljord frostbites and you get a great deck that fits all needs. Where you might want to focus more is choosing where to apply Vulnerable with Hired Gun and Razorscale Hunter for maximum damage and use those warning shots to steadily take down the enemy nexus.


Harrowing Aggro

The only aggro deck in this list is once more a Noxus-Shadow Isles one. This time you’ll find fewer spiders and more Noxian units with Overwhelm. The main logic behind this game is throwing cards and dealing damage until you can play The Harrowing and bring them back for a devastating death blow.


Vi/Heimerdinger Control

One more Ionia-Piltover control deck, just like many more that circle the internet. This one is particularly fan due to Heimerdinger while keeping some stability using Recall mechanics to protect your important units.



For more Meta and Curated Decks visit Decks of Runeterra.

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