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Master Yi is bringing his sword in Legends of Runeterra, being one of the 5 champions to be featured in the upcoming Awakening expansion. Yi is focusing on spells and buffs to  make himself more powerful while keeping the control of the board intact.

In his gameplay video, we see Master Yi reducing the cost of spells in hand while his mechanic, Flow allows his cards to cost less when you activate 2 or more spells in one round. Much like what we see in the video, he can be put in a deck together with Nami or anything else that can use fast and low-cost spells. It will be interesting to see what decks will emerge into meta with Master Yi being the main win condition.

What we find really interesting is that Master Yi in Legends of Runeterra is different from the original one in League of Legends. What we see in LoR is a more “Ionian” version of him, showcasing his Wuju style. This change is clearly one of the main reasons why Legends of Runeterra is an amazing continuation of the LoL lore and not just a copy of it. Norra is yet another proof of that and we can’t get enough.

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The Awakening expansion releases on August 31st, giving you only a couple of days to enjoy the current meta before we see equipment infesting the meta decks. In the expansion, we’ll see new champions entering the fray, more specifically Kayne, Jax, Norra, Master Yi, and Ornn. Equipment, the big new mechanic coming into the card game, will give units additional stats like spells do but with the addition of them getting added to your hand after the unit dies.

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