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League of Legends

League of Legends Update 10.23 Preview – What to Expect

League of Legends Update 10.23

Riot Games is introducing a variety of new stuff with update 10.23 in League of Legends, just in time for the preseason. Apart from the champion changes we already discussed, the developers are tweaking the whole item system by adding more than 40 new items and adjusting some more. Ranked is also getting changes before the wake of season 11. Find out what the preview includes.

League of Legends Update 10.23 Preview by Riot Scruffy

Game Systems

  • Item System Overahul
  • New – 23 Mythic Items
  • New – 13 Legendary Items
  • New – 9 Epic Iems
  • Reworked – 28 Legendary Items
  • Cooldown Reduction replaced with Ability Haste
  • Jungle Items replaced with new Jungle Starters
  • Adjusted –  Runes
  • Upgraded Items Shop UI


  • Removed – Division Promos
  • Rank Informed Matchmaking
  • Removed – Duo Queue in Master+
  • Ranked Seeding

Apart from those changes, Riot Games is adjusting a total of 13 champions for the new item system. Seraphine is also getting a change in her “ability numbers” in order to make her feel more like a mid laner than a support champion. In addition, 30 champions will find changes in their mana pool before Season 11.

What’s interesting is the fact the Ability Haste we mentioned before will now work for item passives and actives too. This will help players expand their builds even more with items that expand the champion’s 4 abilities.

The League of Legends update 10.23 is set to release in less than a week. More specifically, you will be able to test the changes live one day after the ranked season ends on November 10th. Right now, the update is being tested on the PBE although there won’t be any huge surprises at this point. Apart from the preseason changes, the new patch will bring 6 new skins into the game further expanding the Battlecast and Resistance themes.

Stay tuned to The Rift Crown for more League of Legends news before Season 11.

Source: Surrender@20


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