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League of Legends – K’Sante Gameplay Trailer

Riot Games has just released the gameplay trailer for the next League of Legends champion, K’Sante. A true bruiser at heart, K’Sante is mainly a top laner, yielding two giant “pillars” to break his opponents. His specialty, dashing through enemies, gaining shields, and stunning them seems like his main mechanics.

In his gameplay trailer, K’Sante looks like the classic bruiser everyone loves in the top lane. He’s hard-hitting yet not slow like other bulky top laners. Even though we don’t yet know the full depth of his abilities, as far as we see in the trailer he gains shields, he can slightly push enemies, use a knock-up ability like Poppy’s ulti and gain massive shields. The fact that we see him dash through enemies fast and efficiently is yet another bonus.

While using his ultimate ability, K’Sante’s weapons seem to become blades, his health bar locks at 50% and he becomes manaless, while his mana becomes a draining bar, if that makes any sense.

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It won’t be long before we see K’Sante in PBE and see his full ability breakdown and see how his ultimate looks like in theory.

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