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Karmine Corp Is The EMEA Masters Champion With 3-2 Against Movistar Riders

Karmine Corp EMEA Masters Champion

Coming to us live straight out of Montpellier, France, the EMEA Masters finals have just been concluded, crowning Karmine Corp as the champion. And what a final series that was! With a Silver Scrapes game 5 and a stadium packed with EMEA Masters fans, everything was perfect for a sequence of action-packed games.

Karmine Corp is no first-timer when it comes to championships. With 2 LFL and 3 previous EMEA Masters titles, the French team proves yet another split that they won’t go gentle into that good night. Boasting one of the most stacked rosters we’ve seen in EMEA Masters, KCorp has come into the Sud de France venue with only win in mind. Since the beginning of the main stage games, we could clearly see that Karmine Corp is EMEA Masters Champion material.

On the other hand, Movistar Riders though is no opponent to underestimate. During the first 2 games, the Spanish team managed to get some decent early kills and keep the balance steady. However, the pressure was too much, resulting in 2 early losses. Coming into the third game, Movistar changed the tide of the finals, practically stomping the French team. The same vibes continue in the fourth game as well, sending Karmine Corp back to strategizing for the Silver Scrapes.

When it comes to details that lead to the outcome though there are two factors to come to mind. KCorp is a super tactical team, cold-bloodily calculated. In contrast, when Movistar Riders realized they had nothing to lose. As a result, they started playing aggressively and they stomped the French team 2 times in a row. It all came down to Karmin Corp’s determination in game 5 which gave them the hard-earned win.

Karmine Corp EMEA Masters Champion stadium

This marks the last EMEA Masters for 2023, with the winter split being a regional tournament. It all comes down to the off-season to see what rosters we’ll see in 2024.

The EMEA Season Finals continue tomorrow with the LEC Summer Split 2023 semifinals with Fnatic going against MAD Lions. The winner will go against G2 Esports in the Sunday finals in Montpellier.

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