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EMEA Masters Summer 2023 Finals – Teams, Date & Venue

EMEA Masters Summer 2023 Finals

It’s the time for EMEA champions to rise and claim their throne, with the EMEA Masters Summer 2023 Finals date drawing closer and closer. After a long and suspense group stage and play-offs, two teams will be clashing in the grand finals. Which teams are competing in the EMEA Masters Summer 2023 Finals and when is it taking place?

EMEA Masters Summer 2023 Finals – Teams

The two teams competing in the finals are originating from the two biggest LoL esports in EU. Movistar Riders is one of the leading esports teams in Spain both in League of Legends and other titles, including their top-tier CS:GO team. They will be brawling it out against the brightest star of the EUMasters, Karmine Corp the best team in the French tournament. Both teams have shown that they can play insanely good League of Legends. From that point on, the winner will be found in the details: the small mistakes, the positioning, the unnecessary deaths.

EMEA Masters Summer 2023 Finals – Date & Venue

The finals for the EMEA Masters will take place in a LAN environment in Montpellier, France on September 8th. More specifically, fans can get their ticket to watch their favorite team live at the Sud de France. Apart from the finals, fans will be able to watch the LEC Season Finals at the same venue along with its semifinals in the following days. September 8th-10th will be a huge pack of action in Montpellier as the EU Esports team for Riot Games is organizing the biggest event of the year. This takes us back to an era before COVID where the LEC took place in a different EU city every season.

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