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How To Get A Refund In League of Legends Wild Rift

wild rift refund

League of Legends Wild Rift might be out for something short of a year but players are already invested in it. Players from all around the world choose their favorite skins, champions, and cosmetics to “enhance” their gameplay daily. However, it’s frequent that you might not be wanting the skin you bought or decided that the champion you got is not what you originally wanted. Riot Games allows you to refund what you don’t want in Wild Rift and immediately swap it for currency to buy something else.

Wild Rift Refund Requirements

To start off the procedure, you must know that you can only refund items in Wild Rift that you haven’t used already. So, if you decided to use that skin or champion and then refund it, you won’t be able to complete it. Also, unlike League of Legends, in Wild Rift you can only refund items that you bought less than 14 days ago. As for what is refundable, check the lists below:


  • Currency
  • Champions
  • Skins
  • Recalls
  • Baubles
  • Emotes
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  • Sent/received gifts
  • Self/Team Boosts
  • Earned content
  • Bundled content
  • Poro Coin content
  • Randomized content (chests)

Apart from the above-mentioned requirement though, Riot Games points out the following when it comes to your refund in League of Legends:

Some content cannot be refunded for a variety of reasons. Gifts complicate things with a third party, boosts activate immediately and cannot have that time refunded, the random nature of Chests changes the value of the content upon opening…the list goes on.

How to Ask for a Refund in Wild Rift

All you have to do to refund something in Wild Rift is to head to this link and log into the service by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. After you log in, you’ll get a “GET MY ORDER HISTORY” and there you can see all your purchases in the game and choose the ones you want to refund. Note that all items you can refund will have a “REFUND” red button next to them.

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