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League of Legends

How to Fix Unexpected Login Error in League of Legends

Unexpected Login Error League of Legends

Errors may not be often in League of Legends but it’s true that they can make players furious if they can’t get rid of them. The Unexpected Login Error is one of the most frequent League of Legends errors that you might face. Thankfully, there’s a fast and easy fix for it.

The Unexpected Login Error in League of Legends is shown for the user right after they try to log into the game. The most popular way to bypass the issue is to close the game and sign out right before it appears. This will let you log in once more and get rid of the error message.

Unexpected Login Error League of Legends Fix

  1. Boot up League of Legends
  2. Click Escape before the error message appears
  3. Click Sign out
  4. Boot up Task Manager
  5. Terminate RiotClient and LeagueofLegends executables
  6. Log into the client again

If the aforementioned fix does not end the Unexpected Login Error in League of Legends for you then you can try some more things. The first thing you can do is reset your internet connection as it could cause a false connection to Riot’s servers.

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Next up, close your Antivirus and Firewall protection since they could be detecting League of Legends as a virus. Last but not least, try fixing the client through its settings.



If all those fail, then your best bet is to delete the client from your system and install it again. This will reset your connection to the servers and you will be able to login correctly.

League of Legends is currently in its 2021 season and ranked play has become available for all players across the globe. Riot Games has introduced some changed to the way ranked promotions work so this might be the season that you reach the top. Also, we’ll be getting a brand new champion, Viego, the Ruined King who will be available in a few weeks.


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