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League of Legends

How to Beat Pyke in Tournament of Souls

For the fifth battle in Tournament of Souls, you will need to beat Pyke. This battle will need even more mechanics than before, with the use of your new ability.

Looking at your abilities, you will find your new W ability which heals you but also heals double if the enemy is Wounded. Looking at your E abilities, you will see the your first one inflicts Wounded to the enemy.

Your ability loadout should look like this:

Q – LVL 2

W – LVL 3

E – LVL 1

R – LVL 1

The way your should go about this fight in order to beat Pyke in Tournament of Souls, is first use your E and Q immediately. The W to heal and Q again since its back in action. Rotate between E > Q > W > Q and use your R when available. If used correctly, your life won’t fall below the threshold where Pyke can kill you.

The Tournament of Souls mini game will be available during the Soul Fighter event, which ends on August 28th. You have until then to finish all your battles and claim all the available rewards. You can see the full list of rewards here.

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