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League of Legends

How to Beat Evelynn in Tournament of Souls

Your next opponent in Tournament of Souls is Evelynn and you’ll need to beat her in order to reach the pinnacle of the Arena. To do that, you’ll need to use your newly found ability the LVL 3 Q. In addition to that, we’ll use the combo we used in the previous Pyke battle with E + W in order to heal and inflict wounded.

This is the abilities you’ll need to equip in order to beat Evelynn in Tournament of Souls:

Q – LVL 3

W – LVL 3

E – LVL 1

R – LVL 1

The way you are going to use your abilities is the same as before. You basically spam E > Q > W > Q, which will stack bleeding, healing, and wounded which will prove victorious in this battle.

The Tournament of Souls mini-game will be available during the Soul Fighter event, which ends on August 28th. You have until then to finish all your battles and claim all the available rewards. You can see the full list of rewards here.

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