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Best TFT Comps To Try Out In Hyper Roll For Set 6 For Easy Wins

tft 6 hyper roll comps

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Who says Teamfight Tactics is all about its rank system and how much gold you can gather for maximum profit? Hyper Roll is our mode-to-go when we want to chill out and play TFT for fun and with Set 6 now underway, it’s time to see some OP comps to try out for easy wins. Whether it’s quest completion or trying out teams before heading into ranked play, you can check out these fast-to-build, hard-hitting comps for maximum results.

1.6 Yordles

tft hyper roll yordles

Yordles are super easy to build and have extreme potential for late game. Just stack those little champions, build your Tristana as your main DPS with Rageblade, Giant Slayer and Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge and make your Vex as tanky as possible. As soon as Veigar appears, build him too with AP items and victory is yours.

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2. Chemtech Mutants

chemtech tft hyper roll 6

Yet another hard-hitter, although this one is a little trickier to execute. Start out by adding low-cost chemtech champions along with Kogmaw and as soon as you reach level 4 champion rotations switch to 5 mutants and build your Malzahar as a carry. Hopefully, at this point, your Chogath will also be a beast so you can easily reach the top 3 with no issues.

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3. Academy with Katarina Carry

academy tft hyper roll 6

Academics are one of the easiest comps to execute and they are always succesful. Given its low-cost champions and the 2-star Katarina that can be extremely violent on the field, the win is near. Add a full team of academics in and build your Katarina with a Hextech and Gauntlet and more mana regen or Infinity Edge as a third item. You can also build your Lux as a second carry if you have the items for it.

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4. Bruisers

bruisers tft hyper roll 6

Bruisers are always a safe shot comp in TFT Hyper Roll 6 since they stack on health and can stay longer on the field against pure damage-dealing champions. This build stacks on Bruisers, just take all of them. Build your Vi and ChoGath and as soon as you see a Jinx, add her to the team and build her for maximum damage as your Bruisers take care of the enemies.

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5. Syndicate Assassins

syndicate tft hyper roll 6

Syndicates, much like Academics are one of the easiest-to-build comps in TFT 6 for Hyper Roll. Combine them with Assassins and they get even better. Build your Shaco with full AD damage, make your front line strong by making Darius and Braum tanky and then watch the world burn.

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