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ARAM Players To Start Earning Mastery Tokens After Patch 13.5

aram mastery tokens

Being a dedicated ARAM player might be a great way to try out all champions and get acquainted with their mechanics and synergies it does come with a few drawbacks though. For instance, players that choose ARAM as their main source of League can’t get past Mastery 5 on their champions and cannot earn tokens while playing in Howling Abyss. In a new tweet by Jordan Checkman, Design Lead & Motivations Initiative for League of Legends, Riot Games intends to add Mastery Tokens in ARAM. He says:

“In some small but mighty news: We will be enabling ARAM players to earn mastery level 6/7 tokens starting in patch 13.5”

As a result, you’ll be able to get your Mastery 5 champions to 6 & 7 in ARAM after update 13.5 has landed. Since those who choose Howling Abyss as their go-to map don’t care about LP and wins or losses, it will be a huge boost of confidence to be able to showcase your mastery in that mode too. Especially since you can also farm your Eternals in ARAM too.

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