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All Chinese New Year Firecracker Skins Announced For League of Legends

Firecracker Skins

As with every year, 2022 too comes with its own League of Legends Chinese New Year celebration. It won’t be an overreaction to say that some of the most beautiful skins within the game come from such a yearly celebration. This year, Riot Games goes back to classic with 5 Firecracker skins. The champions getting such a skin are Diana, Sett, Tristana, Teemo, and Xin Zhao.

We still don’t know when those skins will release and we’re pretty sure that they’ll release alongside the Porcelain skin line since that one too is Asian-themed. We should expect them to drop at the end of January since the Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 1st. As for the skins’ acquisition, there might be a related event coming but it most likely will be tied to the Porcelain skin line, since we’ve already seen Lux getting her Porcelain Prestige Skin.

See all the Firecracker Skins for League of Legends

Firecracker Diana

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Firecracker Tristana

Firecracker Xin Zhao

Firecracker Teemo

Firecracker Sett


Get ready for the LEC Spring Split 2022 and stack up on snacks and energy drinks because this split will be crazy and it starts in less than 2 weeks. You can also check the full LEC rosters here.

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